President’s Message – Happy New Years

Many happy returns everyone! January marks both the beginning of a new year and the mid-point of the school year. With the ringing-in of the new year comes a renewed energy to move forward to carry-out programs and activities planned for the spring semester. From the mid-year vantage point there is business to conduct for compliance, for implementing the remaining calendar, and for planning the upcoming 2015-16 school year.
With your feet firmly planted on the ground, living in today’s moment, your PTA needs to perform its mid-year audit, review the budget and remaining calendar of activities, as well as conduct a mid-year membership drive. The determination needs to be made whether or not your budget supports your spring programs including attending the PTA Convention and PTA Legislative Conference. Does your PTA currently have enough money to fund the activities planned, or does your PTA need to make cuts, or consider adding a fundraiser? What will your mid-year membership campaign look like?
With your feet on the ground and with your crystal ball, planning next year’s PTA begins with the selection of the nominating committee. The timely selection and work of the nominating committee is written in your Bylaws. Please check them for your working timeline, how many members and alternates for the committee are needed, and what officers on your board are elected and which are appointed. Rosters for the 2015-16 will be due to SCV Council at the April meeting.
Our next SCV COUNCIL Association meeting is January 22, 2015, 6:15pm at Plum Canyon ES, 28360 Alfred’s Way, Saugus. Due at the the meeting is your Worker’s Comp form. An LCAP presentation is also planned for the meeting.
For those of you winding down your second year, stay focused. Sometimes ‘senioritis’ creeps in around March impacting your attitude which of course has a trickle down effect on others. Beware!
And for those of you completing your first year-WHEW! You are half way done! By the time April-May hit you will be fully engaged in planning your second year as you finish this first year. At that point you’re a champ, a PTA Pro and won’t have felt the insecurity you felt just the immediate spring before.
Contact me with your questions. The door is always open! Happy New/Mid-Year!
Sue Solomon



November 2014 President’s Message

November is a most pivotal month. It is the the beginning of the holiday season. It marks the final approach to the close of another passing year. November is the month that culminates the bulk of PTA planned events prior to winter break, and November is the month PTAs begin to plan new beginnings for the next school year by selecting a nominating committee.

Most important is that November is the month for giving thanks! Certainly we thank our friends, family, coworkers and colleagues throughout the year, but gratitude, appreciation and love are heightened and wrapped in the warmth of the colors of autumn.
Take an extra moment this month to thank someone for an act of kindness, for just being who they are, for caring.  Look in the mirror and thank yourself! As volunteers, moms, dads, educators, we work so hard, and at times forget to take time for ourselves and reflect on what we have given of ourselves to others. It is okay to look at yourself, smile and appreciate that hard work you undertaken. The smile and love you feel in your heart right now is what you share with others all year long.
From my heart to yours, thank you a million times for all that you do and endure as a parent leader in PTA. It is not always easy, but it is always fulfilling to receive a hug and a smile from a child. PTA is a work of heart. From the hearts of SCV Council leadership, we love, appreciate, and thank you for all you do in PTA!
Enjoy Thanksgiving, and most importantly enjoy the ones you love!
With Deep Appreciation and Gratitude,
Sue Solomon
SCV Council PTA

October 2014 President’s Message

It’s October. It’s officially fall, but it still feels like summer! While it still maybe hot just like when you were getting your PTA business off the ground, I can tell you with confidence that the work in your PTA is taking shape, and moving forward because of all the great questions you are asking, and taking responsibility to “get things right.” 

Planning for the new school year which technically begins once the new board is elected in the spring is a process that really runs right through September because of the need to learn the roles and responsibilities of the new officers, and learning the PTA governance process. Not everything is learned or happens all at once; and many times officers need to resign right at the beginning of the year causing unexpected stress. Many of us experienced all that this year. Withal, the 37 SCV Council of PTAs are up and running! Thank you for being so caring and committed to working on behalf of the students across the Santa Clarita Valley! Keep asking your questions and coming to training. At the next Council Association meeting we will have two roundtables: parliamentary procedure and Reflections. I highly recommend that all your officers attend the parliamentarian training. This will be facilitated by Council Parliamentarian, Heather Ippolito. Cathy Suen who has been an amazing Reflections Chair these past two years will be presenting the Reflections roundtable. I recommend that your current Reflections chair attend as well as any Reflections committee members, and anyone interested in Reflections as a future position.
Now that you are finally getting the rhythm of your PTA, next month, in November begins the selection of nominating committees for the NEXT YEAR! That is one reason to attend the Parliamentarian’s roundtable. As Carol Burnett would sing,” Seems we just get started then before you know it…comes the  time we have to say so long!” NOT! You still have 7 months and are dead smack in the middle of the school, year.
October is the month to turn in your membership. I need your first 15 memberships prior to October 15th, so that your PTA is recognized with  the “READY, SET REMIT” award. Last year our council had 100% recognition.It is the final call for insurance payments ($209), council assessment fees ($50), and copies of your taxes. Taxes are due to the Government on November 15, 2014. Every PTA needs to have taxes done along with your Charitable Trust number (CT#). If you need an account, Council can provide the name of a local account who provides this service to our PTAs for a reasonable fee. This fee is considered part of PTA’s operational costs, so it is a legitimate expense.
 The Council Association meeting is at Leona Cox ES beginning at 6:15pm, October 16th. The address is 18643 Oakmoor St,, Canyon Country, 91351.
I look forward to hearing and reading about your upcoming activities. You are doing great work and you make me proud to be a part of the Santa Clarita Valley Council PTA! The SCV Council PTA Leadership team appreciates you, and as always stands ready to answer your questions and provide you support!
With Great Appreciation,
Sue Solomon
SCV Council PTA

SCV PTA Council Meeting tonight at 6p. Bridgeport Elementary School

A Message from Our President

“Commitment, and Everything that Goes with It”

Commitment…(according to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary) is defined as, 1.) a promise to do or give something; 2.) a promise to be loyal to someone or something; 3.) the attitude of someone who works very hard to support something.

All of these definitions are tied to the pledge or agreement by an individual who has good intentions of supporting work in an organization they believe in, as well as demonstrating commitment of support for family members and friends. Sometimes though, the ‘well-intentioned’ individual is unable to meet his/her commitments. There are unforeseen circumstances that occur; poor choices have made based on lack of information or clarity, or the stress or inability to make decisions can lead to making a wrong choice. Some people who are uncomfortable with making decisions let circumstances and time, dictate the choice for them.

As PTA leaders we must provide our volunteers with complete information about tasks and responsibilities we ask them to consider doing. We must have a sense of our parents’, teachers’, and community members’ interests and strengths, so we can help place them in a volunteer position that suits their abilities, honors their time commitment, and helps them feel that they are achieving and contributing to the welfare of their children and community. We must be honest about the primary tasks of the job and the time commitment involved. TIME COMMITMENT is different than COMMITMENT TO THE PTA. This is where I believe we get in trouble.

COMMITMENT TO THE PTA means that an individual values the ideals, goals and objectives, and mission of the PTA organization, and will make the personal determination on what ways he/she can show effective support for their local PTA. For some it will be simply be becoming a member, and attending meetings to voice their opinions on programs and activities; for others it will be becoming a member, attending meetings, and volunteering solely in their child’s classroom. Others may choose to become members, attend meetings, volunteer in the classroom, and serve on a PTA committee and/or hold a PTA elected office. Still others may become a member, never attend a meeting, volunteer either only in the classroom or on a PTA committee. Finally, there are people who will become PTA members, never attend a PTA meeting, never volunteer time (for whatever reason; no judgment), but choose to participate in the fundraisers and donate money. Guess what? That’s all okay.

What’s challenging is when multiple individuals at or around the same time have difficulty in fulfilling their time commitment, and this can occur frequently inside of one PTA. For some PTAs it’s epidemic. Each individual needing to resign or cut-down on volunteer time, for the most part, sees only their situation. As presidents we see multiple situations having multiple impacts on implementing events and programs. This can feel overwhelming.

So how we can we minimize some of this organizational culture?

  1. From the beginning, be clear and honest as to what the needs and expectations are of your PTA;
  2. Be clear and honest as to what the job responsibilities are;
  3. Provide your volunteers accurate information at all times on PTA practices;
  4. Be clear and honest as to what the time commitments are for serving on the PTA executive board, serving on a PTA committee, and completing all PTA tasks.
  5. Know, get to know your parents, teachers, and community members who want to be involved in your PTA, so they participate in activities where they achieve and contribute to the success of their students, and the PTA.
  6. Recognize your PTA members’ desire to help, and encourage them to help in realistic ways that meet their time constraints.
  7. Follow-up with names on volunteer sign-up sheets that were available at the Back-to-School Coffee, Kindergarten Welcome Tea, and Back-to-School Night to name a few recruiting opportunities.
  8. Don’t be afraid to cancel an event or program if you do not have the volunteers to plan and implement the activity. I know your students would have loved whatever that program was, and in your heart-of-hearts you want to give your children everything, but it is important to be realistic about what can be done and what causes “burn-out” and “PTA fatigue.”


Now that we have covered supporting our PTA members’ abilities to commit, let’s address the level of commitment of the PTA president. The same applies to you. While your heart is big, and your desire “to do it all” to help others succeed is at the forefront of your thoughts and efforts, you too can only do so much based on time constraints. You are the role model and set the example for others to follow. Only commit to what is realistic based on your time demands and responsibilities. The work can get done with delegation to a strong volunteer base that are well-supported, appreciated, and are having fun achieving on behalf of their children.


Whatever you say to encourage someone to volunteer, do not begin your sentence with, “It’s only…” because it never is “only” anything. After all, it’s only the time in one’s life they are choosing to give.


Contact me if you need anything.

Sue Solomon


SCV Council PTA

A Message from Our President

“There’s No Place Like PTA!”

The heat of the summer may be continuing, but the sounds of the schools bells are beginning to ring across our valley. The sounds of the children rejoicing and greeting their friends after summertime off, playing tether ball, and laughing are seasonal signs that it is time to buckle down, focus on learning, and of course join your local PTA.

There’s no place like PTA because membership in PTA encourages, empowers, and supports parents and from all walks of life to become actively involved in their child’s education. PTA provides ample opportunities for parents from all social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds to be involved in their student’s education, as well as having a voice in school matters, and planning programs and events at their school. Whether a parent can give 30 minutes a week or 30 hours a month depending on their schedule, PTA can be organized to accommodate the various needs of its volunteers. If a parent/member is unable to volunteer, PTA membership still allows that parent/ member to attend meetings and voice their ideas and opinions that help shape the direction of the PTA.
There’s no place like PTA because the beauty of PTA is that has a proven structure for successful leadership (PTA was established in 1897.), and a business model that any school whether religious, public, private, traditional or charter can adopt and organize to meet the needs of its own unique community. PTAs within the same school district may not look alike in terms of fundraisers, programs, activities, and events offered, because of the differing priorities and needs within the various school communities. However, what the PTAs have in common is the ability to set and realize their goals and priorities that enhance and enrich the education of their students.
There’s no place like PTA because PTA is your voice for expressing and representing to each other, educators, local, state, and federal elected-officials the concerns, needs, ideas, visions, direction, and support that are needed to continuously improve student learning, so that your children are prepared for college and career, and to be responsive, caring, independent adults.
There’s no place like PTA because what makes PTA unique is the in-depth support there is for the volunteers/members. PTA is a national organization that provides its members access to support through state and regional PTAs, as well as through volumes of resource materials, annual convention, trainings, most of which can be accessed through its website(

There’s no place like PTA because at PTA we encourage anyone who is interested in supporting their students and local schools, whether they are relatives, friends, teachers, principals, school district administrators, elected-officials, or local businesses to join PTA. Your membership, your voice, will shape the vision and direction of your child’s education and future, as well as the direction and quality of your local school and community.
To join PTA, please contact your local school or me, Sue Solomon at

Sue Solomon
President, SCV Council PTA


August 9 special mtg for SCV Executive (Time: tbd)
August 11 special Association meeting 9-11am at Old Orchard ll Clubhouse.

Agenda Item : Endorsement of Saugus Union School District Facilities Bond

Executive Board Meeting – July 21, 2014

Executive Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, July 21, 2014

25300 Via Artina Valencia, CA 91355

Executive Board meeting reminder May 29

Hello fellow board members and distinguished leadership team!

Just a reminder that this Thursday, May 29, 10am is an executive board meetig at my home, 25300 Via Artina.

Looking forward to seeing you! Everyone is on the agenda!

A Message from our SCV PTA President

And So It Goes….

The 2013-2014 school year is coming to an end! Wow! What a year it has been! Every PTA/PTSA worked hard to provide educational opportunities for their students which included enrichment classes, field trips, community outreach projects, family events, fundraising for libraries, technology, science labs, teacher support, and the list goes on.
During these very busy times, some PTAs faced critical internal challenges which sometimes included leadership changes midyear, working with a new principal, or even facing the question as to whether or not to remain a PTA. School districts also began implementing Common Core Standards and asked PTAs for their help to communicate this very significant change in the way instruction will be delivered and how students will learn.

The amazing aspect of all of this is that not one PTA/PTSA ever faltered on its commitment to their students, families and educators! It is definitely tough to keep everything moving in a coherent, collaborative way with the possibility that things can change on a dime. However, what I saw this year in everyone’s leadership is courage, resolve, and passion to do what’s right for the children and their school communities. Each of you should be proud of yourselves and your PTA leadership team for everything that has been accomplished this year. Your SCV Council Leadership team is quite proud of each of you!

At this time, I want to say thank you for making my first year as your SCV Council president most pleasurable, educational, entertaining and fun! Getting to know all of you was delightful! It has been my pleasure to serve you and support you in your PTA endeavors. I look forward to doing it all again next year! I have said this many times, “Of all the positions I have held at every level of PTA, serving as SCV Council PTA president is my favorite and absolutely remains my favorite role!” A special thank goes to the PTA/PTSA presidents who served this year and who are either moving to a different position or retiring from PTA altogether.

I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge the support for PTA from your site administrators, and school district officials. Without their support PTAs are tougher to operate. Let’s not forget that site principal is part of the PTA team as is the teacher.

New presidents and all officers coming in…no worries! The SCV Council PTA Leadership team is here for you as is your outgoing president and other officers to help you with transition. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. You certainly aren’t expected to know everything in the first five minutes. There will be trainings! You will shortly receive the new calendar for next year that will tell when and where the Council association meetings are held which include trainings, and what’s due when.

At this time the board – elect should have begun planning meetings where you draft a budget, calendar, set goals and meeting protocols. Approval for the budget and calendar can happen at your last association meeting of this school year, and again at your first association meeting in the new school year. Certainly planning the membership campaign takes place now and/or during summer.

The SCV Council PTA Leadership team wishes that each of you enjoy your summer.
Be healthy! Be safe! Have fun, and make sure you have time for yourself, so that you can be ready to work when duty calls. If you maintain balance between your mind and your heart, you can handle anything with ease.

Stay cool!
Sue Solomon
SCV Council PTA