A Message from Our President

“There’s No Place Like PTA!”

The heat of the summer may be continuing, but the sounds of the schools bells are beginning to ring across our valley. The sounds of the children rejoicing and greeting their friends after summertime off, playing tether ball, and laughing are seasonal signs that it is time to buckle down, focus on learning, and of course join your local PTA.

There’s no place like PTA because membership in PTA encourages, empowers, and supports parents and from all walks of life to become actively involved in their child’s education. PTA provides ample opportunities for parents from all social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds to be involved in their student’s education, as well as having a voice in school matters, and planning programs and events at their school. Whether a parent can give 30 minutes a week or 30 hours a month depending on their schedule, PTA can be organized to accommodate the various needs of its volunteers. If a parent/member is unable to volunteer, PTA membership still allows that parent/ member to attend meetings and voice their ideas and opinions that help shape the direction of the PTA.
There’s no place like PTA because the beauty of PTA is that has a proven structure for successful leadership (PTA was established in 1897.), and a business model that any school whether religious, public, private, traditional or charter can adopt and organize to meet the needs of its own unique community. PTAs within the same school district may not look alike in terms of fundraisers, programs, activities, and events offered, because of the differing priorities and needs within the various school communities. However, what the PTAs have in common is the ability to set and realize their goals and priorities that enhance and enrich the education of their students.
There’s no place like PTA because PTA is your voice for expressing and representing to each other, educators, local, state, and federal elected-officials the concerns, needs, ideas, visions, direction, and support that are needed to continuously improve student learning, so that your children are prepared for college and career, and to be responsive, caring, independent adults.
There’s no place like PTA because what makes PTA unique is the in-depth support there is for the volunteers/members. PTA is a national organization that provides its members access to support through state and regional PTAs, as well as through volumes of resource materials, annual convention, trainings, most of which can be accessed through its website(capta.org).

There’s no place like PTA because at PTA we encourage anyone who is interested in supporting their students and local schools, whether they are relatives, friends, teachers, principals, school district administrators, elected-officials, or local businesses to join PTA. Your membership, your voice, will shape the vision and direction of your child’s education and future, as well as the direction and quality of your local school and community.
To join PTA, please contact your local school or me, Sue Solomon at suesolomonptacouncil@gmail.com.

Sue Solomon
President, SCV Council PTA


August 9 special mtg for SCV Executive (Time: tbd)
August 11 special Association meeting 9-11am at Old Orchard ll Clubhouse.

Agenda Item : Endorsement of Saugus Union School District Facilities Bond

Executive Board Meeting – July 21, 2014

Executive Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, July 21, 2014

25300 Via Artina Valencia, CA 91355

Executive Board meeting reminder May 29

Hello fellow board members and distinguished leadership team!

Just a reminder that this Thursday, May 29, 10am is an executive board meetig at my home, 25300 Via Artina.

Looking forward to seeing you! Everyone is on the agenda!

A Message from our SCV PTA President

And So It Goes….

The 2013-2014 school year is coming to an end! Wow! What a year it has been! Every PTA/PTSA worked hard to provide educational opportunities for their students which included enrichment classes, field trips, community outreach projects, family events, fundraising for libraries, technology, science labs, teacher support, and the list goes on.
During these very busy times, some PTAs faced critical internal challenges which sometimes included leadership changes midyear, working with a new principal, or even facing the question as to whether or not to remain a PTA. School districts also began implementing Common Core Standards and asked PTAs for their help to communicate this very significant change in the way instruction will be delivered and how students will learn.

The amazing aspect of all of this is that not one PTA/PTSA ever faltered on its commitment to their students, families and educators! It is definitely tough to keep everything moving in a coherent, collaborative way with the possibility that things can change on a dime. However, what I saw this year in everyone’s leadership is courage, resolve, and passion to do what’s right for the children and their school communities. Each of you should be proud of yourselves and your PTA leadership team for everything that has been accomplished this year. Your SCV Council Leadership team is quite proud of each of you!

At this time, I want to say thank you for making my first year as your SCV Council president most pleasurable, educational, entertaining and fun! Getting to know all of you was delightful! It has been my pleasure to serve you and support you in your PTA endeavors. I look forward to doing it all again next year! I have said this many times, “Of all the positions I have held at every level of PTA, serving as SCV Council PTA president is my favorite and absolutely remains my favorite role!” A special thank goes to the PTA/PTSA presidents who served this year and who are either moving to a different position or retiring from PTA altogether.

I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge the support for PTA from your site administrators, and school district officials. Without their support PTAs are tougher to operate. Let’s not forget that site principal is part of the PTA team as is the teacher.

New presidents and all officers coming in…no worries! The SCV Council PTA Leadership team is here for you as is your outgoing president and other officers to help you with transition. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. You certainly aren’t expected to know everything in the first five minutes. There will be trainings! You will shortly receive the new calendar for next year that will tell when and where the Council association meetings are held which include trainings, and what’s due when.

At this time the board – elect should have begun planning meetings where you draft a budget, calendar, set goals and meeting protocols. Approval for the budget and calendar can happen at your last association meeting of this school year, and again at your first association meeting in the new school year. Certainly planning the membership campaign takes place now and/or during summer.

The SCV Council PTA Leadership team wishes that each of you enjoy your summer.
Be healthy! Be safe! Have fun, and make sure you have time for yourself, so that you can be ready to work when duty calls. If you maintain balance between your mind and your heart, you can handle anything with ease.

Stay cool!
Sue Solomon
SCV Council PTA

SCV Council Executive Board Meeting May 29: 10am

25300 Via Artina, Santa Clarita 91355

SCV Council Asociation Meeting/SCV Training tonight at Oak Hills

Our SCV Council Leadership Team will begin helping you TONIGHT by offering you training for your position beginning at 6:15PM with check-in at Oak Hills ES, 26730 Old Rock Road, Valencia 91381. The SCV Council Association will begin promptly at 6:30PM, followed by Diversity training from 6:50PM-7:10PM with workshops for your positions to begin at7:15PM and conclude by 8:30PM. Dinner is provided. Thank you Oak Hills PTA!!
The workshops include:
Treasurer training by 34th District Treasurer, Bridgett Amis
Auditor training by 34th District Auditor, Dashema Coleman
Programs & Fundraising
Training is extremely important to gain knowledge about your role, responsibilities, and learning to work collaboratively with others. Knowledge of process and procedure, along with effective communication skills iarekey to achieving your PTA’s goals, and to minimizing conflict. You know the saying….”The More You Know….”
One of the most immediate things I need from you as president is your 2014-15 rosters. I have 21 of 37 PTA’s. The rosters need to be entered on PTAEZ, and a hard copy needs to be turned in as well. I have forwarded the directions on how to access PTAEZ, but if you need them again, please let me know.


Executive Board Meeting – Monday, April 28 at 10am

Location: Sue’s home

The Board Elect Meeting will follow immediately.

SCV Council Workshops & Training: May 15, 2014 at 6:30pm

Just a reminder that SCV Council Workshops & Training take place on Thursday, May 15, 2014, 6:30pm, at Pico Canyon ES located at 25255 Pico Canyon Road, Stevenson Ranch, 91381.

All of your board members who are new and returning are invited to attend.

Workshops offered as of now:
Programs & Fundraising (Ways & Means) & PTA Partners
Advocacy & Legislation

If there are requests, please let me know by this Monday, April 28 at 9:00am, so our executive board can entertain the ideas at our meeting. As a result we may add or change workshops a bit.

Please respond to me as to how many of your officers will attend, so we can prepare handouts. Let me know by Monday 5 prior to convention. Thank you!

Remember, the more information and training everyone has, the smoother the PTA operation!

Have a good evening!

Association Meeting & Vendor’s Faire – April 17

April 17, 2014
All PTA Board Members Welcome
All 2014-2015 Unit PTA Rosters Due
Convention Orientation
Rosedell ES
27853 Urbandale Ave, Santa Clarita, 91350